Canonical VMware DoD AWS Finch CRI-O container containers

Canonical Delivers Chiselled Containers to Shrink Runtime Environments

Canonical's Chiselled Ubuntu containers reduce the amount of infrastructure required to run cloud-native apps in a production environment ...
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SUSE Kubernetes Tanzu

SUSE Extends Rancher Kubernetes Management Reach

SUSE updated the Rancher Prime platform with curated tools for managing Kubernetes clusters via a subscription service ...
eBPF Packet-Level Visibility to Workloads

Not Your Grandpa’s Packet Filter: eBPF in Cloud-Native Networking

eBPF is a versatile technology that has emerged as a transformative technology for the cloud-native ecosystem ...
Red Hat

Red Hat Extends Scope of Podman Container Tool for IT Admins

Red Hat today added a systems roles capability to its Podman tool for developing, managing and running containers on Linux platforms. This capability aims to make it simpler for administrators to automatically ...
Vaadin BellSoft java Kubernetes

BellSoft Optimizes Java for Cloud-Native Platform

BellSoft today is adding a BellSoft Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform to its portfolio that makes it possible to more efficiently run Java applications encapsulated in containers. As part of that effort, the ...
Kubernetes air gapped SUSE container Weaveworks container security ThreatStack Qualys

SUSE Extends Podman Reach to Kubernetes Deployments

SUSE has updated the instance of the open source Podman container management tool to now make it possible to also deploy workloads on Kubernetes clusters. In addition, support for Kubernetes liveness probes ...
Konveyor Loft Labs Ubuntu

Canonical Expands Ubuntu Container Image Portfolio

As part of an update to its Ubuntu operating system, Canonical has added Grafana Loki, Apache Kafka and Apache Cassandra container images to the portfolio of images to which it provides long-term ... eBPF Automation in Microservices Security BumbleBee Expands Access to eBPF Technologies has launched an open source BumbleBee project that makes it simpler for developers to take advantage of extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) technologies that run within the kernel of an operating ...
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Buoyant Docker

Docker, Inc. Accelerates Updates to Tools Portfolio

Docker, Inc. has revealed that Docker Desktop for Linux (DD4L) is now available via a developer preview program and that an updated version of the Docker Compose tool for building applications spanning ...
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Kubernetes Sophos VMware Acquires Heptio

Sophos Acquires Capsule8 Security Platform for Linux Containers

Sophos this week announced it has acquired Capsule8, a provider of tools for securing runtimes on Linux servers and container platforms, as part of an effort to expand its current focus beyond ...