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Creating Your Cloud-Native Data Strategy

Lee Atchison explains how to make your application’s data strategy effective in a cloud-native environment ...
IBM Advances Mainframe Container Strategy

IBM Simplifies Application Development for Hybrid Clouds

IBM extended its Red Hat OpenShift platform to make it simpler to build and deploy cloud-native apps across a hybrid cloud computing environment ...
cloud-native architecture permissions access security

The Ultimate Value of Cloud-Native Architectures

A cloud-native architecture allows for massive scale in production while maintaining a highly agile development process ...
data cloud-native Platform Architectures for Containers

Getting Data Architecture Right in Cloud-Native Apps

An incomplete, inappropriate or ill-considered data architecture can have serious consequences on your application and your company ... Kubernetes 5G

Is Kubernetes Really Ideal for Edge?

Things you have probably heard: Edge computing is the next big thing. Kubernetes is ideally suited for edge. That makes it sound as if edge computing platforms are all buttoned up. Hah! ...
kubernetes Docker Granulate observability

Observability: Solving The Hidden Cost of Kubernetes Applications

Observability seeks to resolve cost-related dilemmas by focusing on the production of high-quality, ubiquitous telemetry data Kubernetes, in many ways, has allowed software organizations to realize the benefits of microservices by providing ...
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Actifio Simplifies Copying Data Using Containers

Actifio today made available an update to its namesake copy management software to make it easier to clone databases consisting of terabytes of data using containers. Chandra Reddy, senior vice president of ...

Powering Edge With Kubernetes: A Primer

Adoption of Kubernetes into data centers or cloud has been remarkable since it was released in 2014. As an orchestrator of lightweight application containers, Kubernetes has emerged to handle and schedule diverse ...
Crypto Anchors Thwart Container Security Breaches

Using Crypto Anchors to Thwart Container Security Breaches

With new cyberattacks occurring week by week, security is now an extremely critical focus for all engineering teams. It’s also influencing the creation of new ways to prevent attacks. Crypto anchors, one ...
Kasten Container Data Management

Kasten Rises to Container Data Management Challenge

One of the biggest unmet challenges associated with building microservices based on containers is managing all the data attached to them. As microservices dynamically appear and disappear, keeping track of what is ...
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