Migrating to a Container based Microservice architecture

One of the things we hear over and over again about DevOps, Containers and Microservices is “Sounds great, but how do we get started?” You don’t just add water and watch it grow.  Real businesses need a real roadmap to adopting and evolving to these new age IT patterns. Is it top down or bottom up? How do I avoid paying the idiot tax? The path is not rocket science per se, but it is not totally intuitive either.

I wanted to highlight a webinar coming up later this week that can give you some insight. Logentries and Xebia Labs are hosting what promises to be a great learning opportunity. Migrating to a Container based Microservice architecture with Trevor Parsons, Chief Scientist at Logentries and Andrew Phillips, VP Products at XebiaLabs and Organizer of ContainerDays Boston, headline the event. There are a few other speaker on tap for the webinar: Warren Howard,Technical Director, Cohaesus and Parthu Kishen, VP of Engineering, Sysgain.

Both Trevor and Andrew I have seen or heard before. I am sure they will light it up. More importantly though for far too many of us out there even the “how do I get started” is even beyond the initial questions.  What exactly are Microservices? Living in the tech echo chamber we take for granted that everyone already knows what Microservices are but I assure you they don’t.

Believe it or not the same goes for Docker and containers.  More people probably think of Container Store  then they think of containerized applications. I was reminded of this today yet again. I had a long time friend of mine up at the office.  This person was the former CTO at a mutual friends company a few years back. Since that time he has run an IT consulting business helping companies chose, design and implement IT solutions.  I was telling him we launched Container Journal and he had a blank look on his face. I asked him if he knew about Docker. He didn’t. He knew Linux containers from a while back but really hasn’t heard anything about Docker or the recent trends around computing containers.

If nothing else this shows we still have a big job of education to make people aware of containers and microservices.  Webinars like this one help with evangelizing the topic. This is also exactly the reason why we launched Container Journal.  We need to spread the word on these new IT trends. You can help by submitting articles for publication, spreading the word about this site. You should also attend this webinar.  If you do, leave a comment with what you thought of it.

Alan Shimel

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