Description Jonathan Kaftzan is vice president of marketing and business development at ARMO.
Description Miska Kaipiainen is the senior director of engineering at Mirantis and the principal of Lens, Kubernetes IDE open source project, that is one of the most popular tool among devs and ops to gain complete situational awareness across their Kubernetes clusters and workloads. A serial entrepreneur and cloud native technologist, he has extensive experience in working with high-tech businesses globally.
Description Sylvain is an entrepreneur who has worked in the tech industry for over a decade. He provides PR services, such as ghostwriting, media pitching, and communication strategy for tech startups. He is the co-founder of a software engineering school, its students get hired by leading companies like Google, NASA, Tesla, and Apple. Sylvain started his career as Site Reliability Engineer, working for companies like SlideShare and LinkedIn.
Description Tae Jin "TJ" Kang is a technology industry executive and entrepreneur. He is the president and CEO of Insignary. In addition to founding a number successful technology startups, Mr. Kang has held senior management positions with global technology leaders that include Korea Telecom and Samsung Electronics, among others.
Description A Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in ASP.NET (2007 - 2012), Speaker, and Author of several books and articles. More than 25 years of experience in IT with more than 20 years in Microsoft .NET and its related technologies. I have authored eight books and over 750 articles in some of the most reputed sites worldwide on .NET and its associated technologies, C#, Agile, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Design Patterns, Software Architecture, Machine Learning, Serverless, etc. Was a speaker at the Spark IT 2010 event and the Dr. Dobb's Conference 2014 in Bangalore and also worked as a judge for the Jolt Awards at Dr. Dobb's Journal — a regular speaker at the SSWUG Virtual Conference. Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Blog: Github:
Description Franz Karlsberger has been working in information technology, business consulting and strategic partnerships for over 15 years, establishing a reputation for scaling teams in competitive markets. He joined as Chief Executive Officer in April 2020. Prior to, he worked at Dynatrace and Accenture. Outside of work, Franz enjoys spending time with his wife, two sons and likes to run, to ski, and doing a variety of outdoor activities. Franz holds a Master in Business Informatics from Vienna University of Technology .
Description Zohar Kaufman is a co-founder and vice president of R&D for Portshift, a leader in Kubernetes-native solutions. Prior to Portshift, he spent 20 years managing software, networking and embedded system development teams and was previously the founder and VP of R&D at CTERA Networks and VP of R&D at SofaWare technologies. Zohar holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics and MBA from Tel Aviv University.
Description Amir Kaushansky is an innovative and creative technology leader with 20+ years in all the areas of product life cycle: Product Management, Business Development, Technical Services , Quality Assurance, IT and Software Engineering. He Excels in bridging technical and business worlds, excellent communication skills and interpersonal relationships with peers, customers and suppliers and has a proven track record in development and deployment of complex products and solutions, especially in the field of cybersecurity.
Description Samantha Kaylee is presently working as an Assistant Editor at Crowd Writer.
Description Galem is a product manager at Canonical where he oversees product strategy for Snaps, Ubuntu Core and Anbox Cloud. He has several years of experience bringing cutting-edge technology products to market. Prior to Canonical, Galem contributed to developing the latest generation of jet propulsion engines at Rolls-Royce and CFM International. He also worked as an entrepreneur in residence at a venture builder for industry 4.0 startups. Galem holds a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics from TU Berlin, and an MBA from INSEAD.
Description Brian J. Kelly is CEO of CloudBolt Software, provider of the leading self-service hybrid cloud management platform. Prior to CloudBolt, he held leadership roles in enterprise sales for leading technology companies such as IronKey, Imation, and Xerox.
Description James’s software and business experience have been applied over the last decade at Juniper Networks in the areas of engineering, marketing, business development, and product management. Prior to working at Juniper, James was a tech researcher, developer, hedge-fund founder, and executive technology consultant. Today, James is a Product Management Senior Director, leading teams responsible for Juniper’s software products in its data center and cloud business.
Thip Keovilay
Description Faiz Khan is founder and CEO at Wanclouds.
Description Yousuf Khan is a Partner at Ridge Ventures. Prior to going Ridge, he was the first CIO of several companies - Automation Anywhere, Moveworks, Pure Storage and Qualys. As CIO, he led the global technology function covering applications, information security, data and infrastructure management. Yousuf sits on the board of Kubernetes management company, Rafay Systems.
Description Min Kim is a software engineer with Ant Group and an active Kubernetes maintainer and sub-project owner, mostly working in the field of SIG API-Machinery. He is good at feeding his orange cat and cleaning the litter box.
Description A cloud-native pioneer and evangelist, Tobi Knaup serves as the CEO of D2iQ. Previously, Tobi served as D2iQ’s Chief Technology Officer. As the primary author of the world’s first open source container orchestrator (Marathon) and co-creator of the KUDO toolkit for building Kubernetes Operators, Tobi has the unique ability to understand an organization’s cloud-native journey from all levels--business, technological and talent. And as the driver behind D2iQ’s next-generation Kubernetes platform, Tobi helps make it possible for organizations to navigate the cost and time-intensive challenges associated with enterprise-grade container orchestration. Before co-founding D2iQ, Tobi was one of the first engineers and technology lead at Airbnb, proving the technology’s value at scale in a production environment serving millions of users. A German native, Tobi holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from the Technical University of Munich.
Description Tal Knopf is Vice President of Engineering with 2bcloud, a leading multi-cloud cost optimization managed service provider for cloud natives from early stage to unicorns. He has more than 15 years experience in DevOps and development in large companies and startups such as Coralogix, Cloudinary, Akamai, Verint, and Gilat Satcom. In his previous positions, Tal has taken full ownership of the integrations cycle, contributed to company knowledge bases, and served as the technical escalation point of contact for complex problems. He’s skilled in Docker, Elastic Stack (ELK), Helm, Kubernetes, Bash, Python, and TCP/IP Integration, and even writes his own code.
Description Ev started Gravitational with a vision of eliminating the need for "dreaded ops" and converting complex cloud applications into self-running secure appliances. He had realized the timing was finally right for this after leading tech due diligence for RackSpace corporate development M&A and seeing the birth of Kubernetes fundamentally reshape the cloud computing landscape. Previously, Ev was the co-founder and CEO of Mailgun, one of the first email gateway service providers. After a successful acquisition by Rackspace, he joined the cloud product team where he launched "OnMetal" - the bare-metal-via-API offering that eventually became the backbone of OpenStack Ironic. Ev is also an investor and advisor to several cloud & security startups. He had previously spoken at cloud-centric tech conferences like Inbox Love and MongoSF.
Description Sonya Koptyev is the Director of Evangelism at Twistlock. She has been driving community efforts across various development technologies since the early days of SharePoint and .NET. Sonya worked on building the Office developer community and the Microsoft AI developer community and bringing the latest in bleeding edge technologies into the hands of developers. As part of Twistlock, Sonya is looking to bring the world of secure cloud native development into the hands of every developer, ensuring that they can make the most of the best cloud native technologies in a secure way.
Arseny Kostenko
Description Arseny Kostenko is the Senior Vice-President of Small Business Initiatives and Co-Founder at FISPAN. Arseny ensures the company builds products and solutions that enable users to focus more on their business and customers and not on banking and accounting operations. Arseny is an experienced entrepreneur who has previously launched several mobile applications prior to joining FISPAN and is also a Co-Founder of a project management app for startups and innovators. Arseny is passionate about innovation, marketing, gamification, elegant product design, functional programming, and building cross-functional teams that can launch products. Since the inception of FISPAN, Arseny has led multiple strategic and innovation initiatives for the Product and Engineering team. He is also the author of FISPAN’s patent-pending contextual banking technology. Arseny holds a Computer Science degree from Odessa National Polytechnic University.
Description Peter Kreslins is a seasoned technologist who played multiple roles in multinational companies, and has led product teams from market fit to dominance. More recently, he adventured into the startup business by co-founding, with two other long-time co-workers, a company named Digibee. The new venture aims to rewrite how system's integration is done. Besides writing code, he is an excellent leader with great business acumen. He has a bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Description Mike Kress is a seasoned senior executive leading Weavework`s Telco business development. Mike is working closely with our Telecom investors, partners, and customers to evangelize and implement GitOps- a set of modern best practices for deploying and managing cloud native applications and infrastructure . Prior to joining Weaveworks, he held strategic sales, management, and business development leadership roles with Circonus, Canonical, and start ups. Mike has worked in the open source software and services business for over 20 years.
Description Bridget Kromhout is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Azure, focusing on the open source cloud-native ecosystem. Her CS degree emphasis was in theory, but she now deals with the concrete (if 'cloud' can be considered tangible). After years on call for production (from enterprise to research to startups) and a couple of customer-facing adventures, she now herds cats and wrangles docs on the product side of engineering. In the wider tech community, she has done much conference speaking and organizing, and advises the global devopsdays organization after leading it for over five years. Living in Minneapolis, she enjoys snowshoeing in the winter and bicycling in the summer (with winter cycling as a stretch goal).
Description Keith Kuchler is the Vice President of Engineering (Software as a Service) at SolarWinds. In his position, Keith strategically leads his team to meet customer needs, critical business objectives, and profit and revenue growth through operational efficiency and innovation. Keith has broad expertise in helping to develop agile and disciplined engineering operations—from startup to broad charter global organizations—and a consistent track record of successful delivery of complex products and solutions. Before assuming the role of VP of Engineering, Keith served as the Senior Director of SolarWinds Engineering, leading engineering for Pingdom, Loggly, AppOptics, Papertrail, Pingdom Server Monitoring, TraceView, and Librato. Previously, Keith served in various roles at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, including as Director of Global Software Engineering: HPE Propel; Engineering Group Manager: HP Propel R&D & Converged Cloud User Experience; and Solution Architect.
Description Valentin Kulichenko is the Director of Product Management at GridGain Systems, a provider of enterprise-grade in-memory computing solutions based on Apache® Ignite®. A software engineer, solutions architect, and a distributed systems enthusiast, he has been working with in-memory distributed systems since 2010.
Ambuj Kumar
Description Ambuj Kumar is co-founder and CEO of Fortanix, creator of Runtime Encryption® technology. In his career, Ambuj has built technologies and products that secure billions of devices. Ambuj is a prolific inventor with more than 30 patents. He holds degrees from Stanford University and IIT Kanpur (Gold Medalist).
Description Madhukar is a product strategist with a track record of successfully running product management and product marketing teams for the last 10+ years. He has held several leadership positions in small and large technology companies like Zuora, HP and Oracle where he was responsible for building vision, go to market strategies and opening up new markets for hyper growth. More recently he ran product strategy and product marketing at Oracle for Customer Experience (CX) products portfolio including Marketing, CRM, Commerce and Service. In the last 10 years he has also been writing in technology journals and speaking at several industry events across the globe around disruptive new technologies affecting businesses and the future of customer experience.
Description Mayank is a Software Engineering Architect who is passionate about Kubernetes and cloud native technologies. He has been helping Salesforce engineering teams move their monolithic systems to microservices since Kubernetes version 1.3! In his free time he also likes to contribute to core Kubernetes.
Description Lucky Kumar Sappa is a software engineer at HCL Technologies, working with Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab, Jenkins and other DevOps tools and practices.
Description Tytus Kurek is Product Manager at Canonical, the publishers of Ubuntu, for OpenStack and Kubernetes with a primary focus on the telco industry. Prior to joining Canonical, Tytus held positions at Pegasystems and Antenna Software in engineering roles. He holds a PhD in cloud computing and a Master of Science in Telecommunications.
Description Boris Kurktchiev is Field CTO at Diamanti where he collaborates on technology innovation and works closely with other CTOs in order to understand their challenges and guide them on their container journey. He helps Diamanti’s enterprise users adopt Kubernetes and drive their hybrid cloud transformations, grow to multi-cluster deployments, and manage complex stateful applications.