Description Evgeni Wachnowezki serves as Technical Product Manager of Instana, where he focuses on the Enterprise, Integration and Profiling aspects of Instana. In this capacity as Technical Product Manager, he leverages his expertise in a large number of technologies, some bleeding edge and some far less so, that he has accrued as an IT consultant for codecentric AG and itestra GmbH. Evgeni has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Paderborn University and a Master of Science from RWTH Aachen University.
Description Muhammad Waheed is a seasoned Senior DevOps Engineer renowned for orchestrating streamlined and efficient systems in cloud infrastructure. With a primary focus on Kubernetes cluster administration within IBM Cloud, Muhammad specializes in optimizing security, scalability, and performance. Their extensive expertise in DevOps principles enhances collaboration between development and operations teams, driving continuous integration, deployment, and delivery practices for maximum efficiency.
Description Limor is a technical writer and editor with over 10 years' experience writing about topics like cybersecurity, big data, cloud computing and web development. She is the winner of the STC Cross-European Technical Communication Award (2008), and is a regular contributor to technology publications liked, Database Trends Magazine, and Toolbox. She is studying towards a Master's Degree in Technology & Society from Bar Ilan University. Limor is a Senior Technical Writer at Cybereason and has written for Imperva, NetApp, RSA, Lexis Nexis and many other companies.
Description Dr. Chenxi Wang is Chief Strategy Officer of Twistlock. She is responsible for corporate strategy and marketing. Dr. Wang joins Twistlock from Ciphercloud, another successful Silicon Valley startup. Prior to that, Chenxi built an illustrious career at Forrester Research and Intel Security. At Forrester, Chenxi covered mobile, cloud, and enterprise security, and wrote many hard hitting research papers. At Intel Security, she led the ubiquity strategy that spans both hardware and software platforms. Chenxi started her career as a faculty member of Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Chenxi is a sought-after public speaker and a trusted advisor for IT executives. She has been quoted/featured by New York Times, Wall Street Journal,, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, Dark Reading, and many trade media outlets. Chenxi holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Virginia. Her Ph.D. thesis received an ACM Samuel Alexander award for excellence in research.
Description Steve Waterworth is Technical Marketing Manager at Weaveworks. Prior to Weaveworks, he gained extensive APM startup experience helping take Wily, AppDynamics and Instana from disruption to mainstream. In his current role, Steve uses his industry and technological knowledge to communicate how Weaveworks can help companies manage Kubernetes.
Description Jan Weber is a passionate Product Manager with over a decade experience in managing software products for SMB to Enterprise customers. As Product Manager at he is responsible for the CrateDB product portfolio from strategy to execution.
Description Or is the CEO and co-founder of, and co-maintainer and author of open source Or is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about developer tools, previously founding, a leading production debugging solution; and managing Upwards Israel’s largest founders’ PLG community.
Description Tal Weiss is the CTO and co-founder of OverOps. He has been designing scalable, real-time Java and C++ applications for more than 15 years. Previously, he was co-founder and CEO at VisualTao which was acquired by Autodesk. Following the acquisition, he served as the director of the AutoCAD Web and Mobile product line used by 12 million professional users worldwide.
Description Dominic was involved with the early stages of the cloud and data center automation revolution, working from his experience as a system administrator to look beyond day 1 deployment to day 2 operations tasks. His current focus in that area is on enabling the "virtuous cycle” of continuous deployment by ensuring ease of support through machine learning and algorithmic approaches. Previously, Dominic worked on integrating security considerations as a key part of the release cycle, rather than an afterthought - SecOps or SecDevOps. Dominic currently serves as Moogsoft’s Chief Evangelist. He lives in Milan, but spends a lot of his time in airports. You can follow Dominic on Twitter at @dwellington.
Description Dan is a principal researcher at Expel, a transparent managed security provider. With nearly a decade of experience in security operations at scale, he's been exposed to a ton of different environments, unusual attacks, and challenging security problems. Lately, he's been focused on helping organizations protect their cloud and containerized infrastructure.
Description Tom Wilkie is VP, Product at Grafana Labs, but really he is a software engineer. Tom is a maintainer on the Prometheus project and a maintainer and the original author of Cortex, both CNCF projects. In his spare time, Tom likes to make craft beer and build 3D printers.
John Willis
Description Hillary Wilmoth is a director of product marketing at Linode.
Description Ash Wilson is originally from Apison, Tennessee, and has been living in San Francisco since 2012. He has been a paid tech worker since March 2000, and a hobbyist long before that. He came to security via network engineering and systems administration. Ash spent the last seven years in post sales engineering and strategic engineering for security product companies, and currently works for CloudPassage.
Description Stephen Withers is one of Australia¹s most experienced IT journalists, covering everything from gadgets to enterprise systems. In previous lives he has been an academic, a systems programmer, an IT support manager, and an online services manager. Stephen holds an honours degree in Management Sciences, a PhD in Industrial and Business Studies, and is a senior member of the Australian Computer Society.
Lance Woodson
Description Lance Woodson is a Dev/Data/DevOps technologist based in Austin, Texas. He has built and maintained scalable, cloud-based infrastructure for small to mid-size companies in technical leadership roles. His current interest is in container technology which he believes will allow microservice architectures to be adopted more widely and with less operational pain. He currently works as an engineer/architect at ShippingEasy where he puts these thoughts into practice.
Description Professor Avishai Wool co-founded AlgoSec in 2004 and has served as its CTO since its inception. Prior to co-founding AlgoSec, he co-founded Lumeta Corporation in 2000 as a spin out of Bell Labs, and was its Chief Scientist until 2002. At Lumeta, Professor Wool was responsible for transforming the firewall analyzer technology he helped develop at Bell Labs into a commercial product. Earlier, Professor Wool was a technical staff member at Bell Labs' Secure Systems Research Department, where he led a team of researchers who created the first research prototypes for the firewall analyzer. He has published more than 110 research papers and holds 13 US Patents, and has served on the program committee of the leading IEEE and ACM conferences on computer and network security. Professor Wool has a B.Sc. (CumLaude) in Mathematics and Computer Science, and a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Computer Science.