WinDocks Expands Windows Container Support

Docker containers for Windows remain far from mainstream. But they’re now a little easier to deploy with the release of an enhanced version of WinDocks Community Edition. The latest version supports .Net and SQL Server containers on most modern Microsoft environments.

So far, the container world has centered on Linux-based operating systems. True, Docker now offers containers for Windows (and Mac OS X) alongside Linux. But it requires a Linux virtual machine to do so, which undercuts the efficiency advantages of using containers in the first place.

DevOps Dozen 2023

WinDocks sees more potential in Windows containers. The Bellevue, Washington-based company is one of a handful of vendors developing a streamlined version of containers for deployment on Windows systems.

The offering currently includes .NET and SQL Server containers.

The company issued the first production version of its platform in April. The original release required a commercial subscription, but in May the company unveiled the free (of cost, not free as in open source) WinDocks Community Edition.

WinDocks Community Edition initially supported only Windows Server 2012. As of June 13, however, the free platform has expanded to support Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016.

If you’re a Windows 7 fan, sorry. But otherwise, the enhanced offering means anyone now can deploy .NET and SQL Server containers on Windows without paying for a commercial license.

WinDocks Community Edition can be downloaded and installed directly, or run as a preconfigured virtual machine available through the AWS Marketplace.

Is Windows Ready for Docker Containers?

The updates to WinDocks Community Edition hardly mean the Windows world is about to experience a container revolution. Expect Linux to remain at the center of the container universe for the foreseeable future.

Still, WinDocks is doing its part to heat up the Windows container world. And it’s likely to gain Docker’s interest sooner or later.

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