Streamlio Brings Cloud-Native Fast Data Processing Powered by Apache Pulsar to Google Cloud Platform

Organizations can easily and elastically connect, process and store fast-moving cloud data, available via Kubernetes on the GCP Marketplace

PALO ALTO, CA. Dec. 6, 2018 – Streamlio, an intelligent platform for fast data, today announced that Streamlio Community Edition, powered by The Apache Software Foundation’s new top-level project, Apache Pulsar, is now available as a Kubernetes application on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. With Streamlio Community Edition, enterprises now can easily leverage Pulsar’s cloud-native architecture to take full advantage of the flexibility of Google Cloud to easily deploy and rapidly scale a unified solution for fast data processing with a few simple clicks. In addition, Streamlio Community Edition optimizes Pulsar to streamline application management and operations using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

“Organizations building data-driven cloud applications based on microservices and containers know the critical importance of a cloud-native solution to easily connect, process and store fast-moving data at virtually any scale,” said Streamlio Co-Founder Karthik Ramasamy. ”We are excited to work with the Google Cloud team to make the power of Apache Pulsar, already proven in demanding production environments, easily available to any organization on GCP.”

Apache Pulsar is the next-generation streaming and messaging system open-sourced by Yahoo! in Sept. 2016 and recently given top-level designation by The Apache Software Foundation. Because of Apache Pulsar’s unique architecture, it is one of the only fast data platforms that can meet the needs of data-driven and cloud-native applications: on-the-fly scalability to keep pace with constantly growing intelligent applications, breakthrough performance, and enterprise-grade resiliency and data protection.

With the launch of Streamlio Community on the GCP Marketplace, companies of all sizes can easily deploy Pulsar, harnessing the power of an enterprise-grade solution with just a few clicks. One of the world’s largest media companies, a global industrial conglomerate, one of the most storied consumer electronics companies and others already use Apache Pulsar for event-driven, real-time stream processing.

“As users of Apache Pulsar, we’ve been impressed by not only its performance and capabilities, but also by its rapid innovation, “said Ram Ravichandran, CTO of Narvar. “Streamlio’s work to make the power of Apache Pulsar available in Google Cloud is another great step forward for Pulsar, making it easy for companies like ours to leverage Pulsar’s capabilities across cloud and hybrid cloud environments.”

The shift to intelligent, cloud-based applications and services is driving a move from batch-driven processing, enabling companies to act on data immediately as it arrives. At the same time, a shift in application and deployment architectures to microservices, cloud and containers requires new technologies that can integrate with and take full advantage of these new paradigms. Apache Pulsar is designed from the ground up with these needs in mind.

Streamlio, founded by fast data veterans including the key architects who created Apache Pulsar, was founded to help organizations build modern fast data solutions. Apache Pulsar is the core technology for Streamlio’s intelligent platform for fast data, for which Streamlio offers support and services that allow organizations to easily and confidently build and deliver solutions that enable them to understand and act on fast data.

Streamlio Community Edition is available on the GCP Marketplace at If you are interested in discussing Streamlio’s offering at the upcoming KubeCon Conference in Seattle Dec. 10-13, please contact us.

About Streamlio

Streamlio delivers the first intelligent platform for fast data, allowing organizations to readily build the data-driven applications they need to react to data as it arrives. Its platform is built on leading open source technologies for messaging, processing, and storage of streaming data that have been proven at scale in companies including Twitter and Yahoo! Founded by industry veterans and funded by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Streamlio helps organizations build the data-driven applications they need to react to data in real-time. Learn more at