StackRox Secures Cybrary’s Fast-growing Cybersecurity Education Platform Running on Google Kubernetes Engine

StackRox Integrates with GKE and Leverages its Native Controls to Protect the Data of Cybrary’s 3 Million Users


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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – November 18, 2020 – StackRox, the leader in container and Kubernetes security, announced today that Cybrary, the cybersecurity and IT workforce training platform, has deployed the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform to secure its container and Kubernetes environments running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). As a result of the surging demand for cybersecurity and IT training and to help enterprises better identify IT skills gaps, Cybrary has had to significantly scale its infrastructure to accommodate the needs of its quickly growing user-base. Leveraging cloud-native infrastructure enables rapid iteration on the Cybrary platform, and using GKE provides Cybrary with an easy way to eliminate maintenance tasks and improve its developer experience. The StackRox platform provides full life cycle security across build, deploy, and runtime phases, and its Kubernetes-native architecture makes it easy for the company’s blended infrastructure and security team to defend Cybrary’s infrastructure, applications, and users from high-priority cyber threats, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

“The StackRox platform provides quick, comprehensive visibility into our GKE deployments along with actionable alerts and insights that help us prioritize which risks and threats to remediate first,” said Jonathan Meyers, principal infrastructure engineer, Cybrary. “We teach cyber awareness, which includes how to hack, and sometimes our students have fun making us a target. With StackRox, we can immediately identify anomalous and risky behaviors and shut down those actions at the Kubernetes level. Our developers appreciate the StackRox insights during the build phase, and the infrastructure, operations, and security team gets the runtime protection it needs.”

Cybrary relies on StackRox for vulnerability management, risk profiling, and runtime security to protect its cybersecurity learning and certification preparation platform, which is used by more than 3 million users and 96 percent of Fortune 1000 companies. As more businesses turn to Cybrary to help fill a critical security skills gap in their organizations, the user population on the Cybrary platform has increased dramatically.

“Cybrary is tackling a national crisis with its workforce training platform for cybersecurity and IT readiness. The company supports a massive digital community, and its extensive compendium of online resources are helping to train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals,” said Kamal Shah, CEO, StackRox. “Cybrary is able to deliver on its ambitious goals thanks to the scalability and power of cloud-native technology. We’re proud of our role in helping to protect the Cybrary platform from the attacks directed at it daily.”

With its Kubernetes-native architecture, the StackRox platform taps into the rich context and native controls of GKE to protect Cybrary’s cloud-native infrastructure from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, helps the company gain visibility into Istio services, and enables its DevOps teams to adhere to security policies. StackRox also visualizes and simulates new network policies to reduce the blast radius, automatically generating updated YAML files based on behavioral modeling of active traffic.

To learn more about how Cybrary uses the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform, click here. To request a demo for your own organization, please visit

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