Kubecost Expands Kubernetes Cost Monitoring and Management with Hosted and Open Source Solutions

Kubecost Cloud launches at KubeCon in limited availability, OpenCost has been onboarded by CNCF, and Kubecost’s collaboration with AWS is delivering Amazon EKS cost monitoring at scale

San Francisco, CA, October 24, 2022 — Kubecost, a solution for monitoring, managing, and optimizing Kubernetes spend at scale, is attending KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America and announcing new ways for organizations to achieve the real-time Kubernetes cost visibility and insights required for ongoing container-cost optimization. More than 5,000 teams now use Kubecost to monitor and manage billions in cloud spend, and Kubecost’s tools are estimated to have saved hundreds of millions of dollars for organizations including Adobe, Under Armour, and Broadcom.

KubeCon attendees will be able to learn about:

  • Kubecost Cloud: The new hosted version of Kubecost arrives at KubeCon in limited availability, with GA expected in early 2023. Built in response to customer demand for a fully-managed solution aligned to organizations’ SaaS migrations, Kubecost Cloud accelerates Kubecost implementation and time-to-value. Kubecost experts host and manage customers’ data while handling all Kubecost operational duties, including maintenance and ongoing updates. This initial Kubecost Cloud launch is now in limited availability; those interested can sign up for an invite https://www.kubecost.com/kubecost-cloud-limited-availability.
  • Unlimited clusters—for free: Kubecost is announcing a major upgrade to the free-to-use tier of self-deployed Kubecost. Users in the free tier can now deploy Kubecost to an unlimited number of clusters. The decision aligns with Kubecost’s commitment to empowering teams of all sizes with as much flexibility as possible in accessing and leveraging the solution’s insights.
  • OpenCost: The industry-supported open source cost monitoring standard that Kubecost is built on has seen rapid momentum following its recent launch. OpenCost has been onboarded as a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Sandbox project. Adoption has quickly followed: the project has hundreds of thousands of downloads, 3,000+ GitHub stars, and 2,000+ members of the Kubecost Slack community. Opencost integrates with tools such as AWS, Prometheus, and Vantage.
  • Amazon EKS: Kubecost recently collaborated with AWS to deliver cost monitoring for Amazon EKS customers. Offered to AWS customers without charge, Amazon EKS users can deploy an EKS-optimized bundle of Kubecost for cluster cost visibility and can receive Kubecost support from AWS as part of customers’ existing AWS support agreements. AWS customers can view Amazon EKS costs broken down by Kubernetes resources including pods, nodes, namespaces, labels, and more. Customers can then provide their internal teams and business units with transparent and accurate cost data based on their actual AWS bill, and get customized recommendations for cost optimization based on their infrastructure environment and usage patterns within a single cluster. The Kubecost download numbers are available on the Amazon ECR Public Gallery

“We’re excited to be back at KubeCon, and proud to be continually expanding access to powerful Kubernetes cost monitoring tools at a time when an increasing number of teams need them,” said Webb Brown, CEO of Kubecost. “From our new fully-managed Kubecost Cloud offering for teams that just want Kubernetes cost optimization insights without worrying about server upgrades and maintenance, to enabling users of Kubecost’s free tier to deploy to unlimited clusters, organizations have the flexibility to use Kubecost however it works best for them.”

About Kubecost

Kubecost provides real-time cost visibility and insight for teams using Kubernetes. More than 5,000 companies use Kubecost to monitor costs across all major cloud providers and in on-prem and air-gapped environments. Visit www.kubecost.com to learn more.