Kazuhm Provides Free Compute Capacity to Organizations Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic

Enterprise-grade distributed computing platform enables immediate increase in compute capacity and storage at no cost

SAN DIEGO, Ca.—March 23, 2020—Kazuhm today announced their AI-driven distributed computing solution will be provided free to any organization fighting the coronavirus pandemic. University and private sector research labs, test kit manufacturers, companies providing free or reduced cost video conferencing solutions, and companies who have quickly ramped up manufacturing for items such as hand sanitizer, gloves, and face masks can all take advantage of Kazuhm to increase their computing capacity. This offer is available to any organization across the globe that meets the criteria of contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

“COVID-19 is bringing people and organizations around the world together with a singular goal of beating the pandemic and saving lives,” said Rick Valencia, interim CEO of Kazuhm. “The shift in resources, the changeover in manufacturing lines, the ramp up of research labs all takes immense application processing power, and Kazuhm is dedicated to ensuring these teams are getting that processing power as easily, efficiently, and securely as possible.”

Universities, research labs, non-profits, hospitals, and enterprises across sectors are struggling to meet the sudden demand for everything from hand sanitizer to respirators to online learning and meeting solutions. The Kazuhm platform can help these organizations quickly and easily unify the compute resources they already own to maximize distributed storage and application processing power. In many organizations, compute resources such as desktops, laptops and servers go unused approximately 70% of the time. Kazuhm represents the first time distributed computing is available as an enterprisegrade product enabling organizations to take full advantage of the computing power they already own across all their devices from Linux, MacOS, and Windows desktops, laptops and tablets to servers and multi-cloud environments. Industry proven in applications for genomics research, data analytics, and image and video processing, Kazuhm allows customers to quickly and easily unify their resources and run any containerized application faster, more securely, and at a lower cost. A user-friendly interface and
integrated dashboards enable simple setup, AI-driven insights, and complete control. Companies interested in containing their IT costs as well as improving compute capacity and performance
while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic can sign up for this free offer at https://www.kazuhm.com/covid19-response/.

About Kazuhm
Kazuhm revolutionizes how companies process workloads through a first-of-a-kind enterprise-grade
distributed computing technology. The Kazuhm SaaS platform unifies the compute resources of an
organization from desktops, to servers, to multi-cloud, to edge, creating a powerful compute grid where
data can be stored and enterprise applications can be intelligently placed and processed for the purposes
of improved reliability, speed, security, and cost. Built with industry leading ease-of-use, customers
worldwide are leveraging Kazuhm today to process some of the most demanding applications in business
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