Granulate Launches Real-Time Continuous Optimization Solution in AWS Marketplace

New Offering Designed to Streamline Deployment and Improve Time-To-Value For Customer

TEL AVIV, July 22, 2020 – Granulate, provider of a leading real-time continuous optimization solution today announced support for SaaS Contracts in AWS Marketplace. Granulate’s innovative solution is designed to optimize workload performance and allows businesses to cut compute costs and increase revenue without any code changes. The new globally available capability enables seamless procurement and deployment of Granulate’s product. The automated and accelerated purchasing process for Granulate platform via AWS Marketplace ensures fast time-to-value for customers leveraging Granulate’s solution to gain autonomous real-time performance and cost optimization across their Amazon Web Services (AWS) and hybrid environments.

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AWS Marketplace streamlines customer adoption of technology such as Granulate via a consolidated purchase environment and integration with their AWS accounts. AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts simplifies the process even further by enabling customers to prepay for Granulate based on expected usage tiers through contracts up to two-years-long. Granulate’s cost is integrated into the customer’s AWS bill once they subscribe, resulting in a consolidated, easy to process, and significantly lower bill, thanks to Granulate’s optimization solution.

“With the availability of Granulate via SaaS Contracts in AWS Marketplace, existing AWS customers can easily get started with Granulate to gain quick and frictionless 5X application performance improvement and 60% infrastructure cost reduction across their AWS infrastructure workloads,” said Udi Tizan, VP Sales, Granulate. “We are excited to collaborate with AWS on this latest go-to-market method and bring Granulate to existing active buyers and the growing customer base of AWS Marketplace.”

About Granulate

Granulate provides a real-time continuous performance optimization solution that can effortlessly improve server throughput 5X, reduce latency by 40% and cut cloud compute costs by up to 60% with no code changes required.

It’s an AI-driven low-level optimization layer that employs real-time continuous automatic adaptations and optimizations on the OS kernel level that are tailored for your app.

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