Storage Patterns for Kubernetes

Have you run Docker containers and discovered that storage isn’t as simple as mounting a directory? Perhaps you have exposure to Kubernetes and have discovered volumes but need more? The vast and flexible world of hyper-converged infrastructure and how that can be implemented with Kubernetes can help. Beyond understanding the pieces and parts, Kubernetes brings it all together with concrete examples of how your applications can benefit from enhanced storage capabilities.

In this book, we provide you with an overview of Kubernetes storage and how it’s implemented. You review the common storage mechanisms in Kubernetes and what they’re used for. Building on the base storage capabilities, you discover the common software-defined storage systems that can run on top of Kubernetes. A brief look at some example architectural patterns also illustrate the benefits of using these technologies together. You also get practical information to help you apply Kubernetes patterns to your applications, complete with pictures. And finally, we give you a brief glimpse at some of the emerging trends in Kubernetes storage.

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