Apolicy Unveils Industry-First Policy Orchestration Platform For Cloud-Native Environments

Company closes $3.5 million seed funding to help enterprises automate risk analysis, policy management and remediation efforts for Kubernetes

SAN FRANCISCOJune 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Apolicy today launched the public beta of its cloud-native policy orchestration platform. Launching with initial support for Kubernetes, Apolicy is the first solution that automates risk assessment, policy management and remediation across any stage of the development process, at scale. The company is also announcing they have raised $3.5 million in seed funding from StageOne Ventures with participation from a number of notable angel investors.

Enterprises today are in a race to build new products faster to meet customer demand. This has fueled the adoption of container-based platforms like Kubernetes by companies looking to deliver scalable, flexible, and distributed applications. But Kubernetes is highly complex with many moving parts and configuration points, making managing, deploying and enforcing policies a Herculean task for DevOps and security teams. Apolicy overcomes these challenges by automating and simplifying risk to policy to remediation processes at any stage of the development lifecycle.

“Companies have become reliant on industry standards and benchmarks to secure their Kubernetes environments, but a one-size-fits-all approach to setting and enforcing policies or guardrails is simply not enough,” said Maor Goldberg, CEO, Apolicy. “That’s why we created Apolicy: to provide prescriptive and accurate risk analysis, policy orchestration and remediation in a unified platform.”

The key benefits and capabilities of Apolicy’s policy orchestration platform include:

  • Accurate risk analysis and complete visibility of clusters and workloads.
  • Declarative policies (as code) based on research and industry practices with automatic suggestions based on the organization’s workloads and services.
  • Customizable remediation playbooks and prioritized remediation tasks.
  • Orchestrated policy authoring and remediation processes, which reliably drive clusters to their desired state.

Seed Round to Accelerate Product Roadmap

Apolicy was founded in 2019 by security experts Maor Goldberg, CEO; Eran Leib, VP Product Management; and Shlomi Wexler, VP R&D. Prior to Apolicy, they founded Whitebox Security which was acquired by SailPoint Technologies. The company will use its initial funding to accelerate product development and support demand from its growing customer base.

“Cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes have become the gold standard of modern infrastructure, yet most organizations lack the tooling and insights to properly secure their environments,” said Yoav Samet, Managing Partner, StageOne Ventures. “Apolicy brings this level of visibility and control to cloud-native environments with a policy management and orchestration platform. We are thrilled to be on this journey with this team, and we look forward to playing a role in their growth moving forward.”

The public beta is available today. To find out more about Apolicy’s features, visit https://www.apolicy.io/.

About Apolicy

Apolicy is the industry’s first cloud-native policy orchestration platform that automates risk assessment, policy management, and remediation across any stage of the development process, at scale. For more information, please visit https://www.apolicy.io/