Teaching an Elephant to Dance

Applications have moved outside the IT department. There’s a truism that all companies are now software companies, and the ability to rapidly provide new services and new functionality to customers is one of the key competitive differentiators a company can offer. IT agility is a stone that startup Davids can use to unseat massive Goliaths.

One of the great, powerful changes with digital transformation and related cultural and technology changes like DevOps is that it reintroduces the joy of creating code. Developers can create something and then actually see it run. That’s a powerful shift. It brings back the immediacy of creating code. Seeing application live provides developers with a feedback loop so that they can redesign and improve their code and make their projects thrive.

The elephant is where your organization is today. There are phases of change between traditional environments and modern environments powered by microservices and DevOps. Some organizations have the luxury to start from scratch, but for a lot of businesses, the challenge is teaching their lumbering elephant to dance like a nimble ballerina.

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