Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit Sneak Peek

The Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit will bring together Kubernetes and cloud-native community members for a unique learning experience focused on the tools and best practices you need in order to successfully secure and manage Kubernetes. Presented in a virtual reality environment, the event will take place on Oct. 1, at 10 a.m. EDT.

With Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes right around the corner, we want to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect.

What Are the Sessions All About?

The agenda for Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit features a mix of topics, including Kubernetes security, CI/CD, the future of cloud native, observability, scalability, business agility with microservices, AWS containers, benefits of GitOps, Cloud Native Application Bundles (CNAB), distributed tracing and more.

Session Tracks

Keynotes: Hear from thought leaders and innovators in the cloud-native community as they discuss industry trends, container security, cloud-native tools and more. You’ll even be able to meet some of our keynote speakers via Zoom.

Enabling Digital Transformation: Transform your organization to perform better today and tomorrow through case studies and how-to’s. You’ll learn about enabling cloud native for your organization’s digital transformation and implementing Kubernetes at scale.

All Things Container Security: Understand the challenges organizations face when using containers and receive actionable recommendations for securing your Kubernetes clusters and cloud native applications.

Cloud Native + K8 2020: Trends and Best Practices: Learn how to get the most out of cloud native technologies by discovering the latest trends, challenges, and how organizations are achieving more and overcoming obstacles.

Tools, Demos, and How-To’s: Discover and learn the tools and services that IT teams are using to leverage cloud native technologies to move better and faster while remaining secure.

Live Sessions and Demos

What 2.7 Million Developers Have in Common: Kubernetes

During her live keynote presentation, Priyanka Sharma, general manager at CNCF, will share some interesting findings from research done by CNCF on the cloud-native ecosystem and will also discuss Kubernetes and cloud-native trends and best practices.

Live Hacking! Practical Security Examples for AWS EKS/Fargate Using Falco

In this live coding demonstration, Kris Nova will be talking about the nuances of running an EKS cluster on Fargate. She will explore how Falco is able to securely tap into the underlying infrastructure using kernel tracing components built around eBPF and ptrace(2) (CAP_SYS_PTRACE).

“The main takeaways of my talk are: Understanding the value in auditing system information from the system perspective for a given application, understanding the nuances of shipping a runtime security daemon with an application in a containerized environment and taking lessons learned from running Falco in Kubernetes and applying them to EKS and ECS with Fargate,” said Kris Nova. “Attendees can expect to learn more about runtime security and Falco, the CNCF runtime security project, as well as get real-world examples of using these in the AWS EKS and Fargate environments.”

Live Chat Session with AWS Container Experts

Get your questions ready. Adam Keller, Brent Langston and Mikhail Shapirov will be answering all your questions about Kubernetes on AWS on the spot through an interactive Q&A session.

Exhibit Hall

The exhibit hall is lined with booths to showcase the latest solutions from leading cloud-native and Kubernetes companies. Attendees can download resources and interact with our partner sponsors, including AWS, Red Hat, CloudBees, Palo Alto, Sysdig, DevOps Institute, New Relic, InfluxData, WhiteSource and many others.

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Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced during the event.

To check out the agenda, the full lineup of speakers and to register (for free), visit the Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit website.