Semaphore Launches a Next-generation Continuous Delivery Platform for Docker

NOVI SAD, Serbia–(Business Wire)–Semaphore, a leading cloud-based continuous integration and deployment service provider, announced the launch of its new Docker platform which provides a native, high-performance environment to build, test and deploy Docker-based applications. The release is accompanied with built-in integrations with Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Docker Hub, Google Container Registry and These features are immediately available to thousands of teams using Semaphore in over 100 countries.Docker’s lightweight container technology standardizes the way software runs in any cloud or on premise environment, letting developers use the best tools available for building a specific business solution. Continuous delivery provides a framework for working in fast feedback loops, helping development teams to easily adapt to evolving needs and deliver more value to customers. Semaphore’s Docker platform speeds up releasing new business solutions by allowing developers to use optimal tools and a streamlined continuous delivery process.

“With the help of Semaphore and Docker we were able to create Docker images for different architectures and run all our test cases”, said Guilherme Íscaro, Software Engineer at Intel, who works on Soletta, an internet-of-things framework. “By doing so, we created a guarantee that Soletta was working on all architectures.”

“Teams that have adopted continuous delivery are always on the lookout for faster and more efficient ways to deliver their products”, said Marko Anastasov, Product Lead and cofounder of Rendered Text, the company behind Semaphore. “An increasing number of our customers have been using Docker’s cutting edge technology to package and run their applications. Our goal with bringing Docker support to Semaphore has been to provide developers with full technical capabilities of running Docker tools in a continuous delivery workflow, while making the whole process easy to set up and scale.”

“Semaphore’s Docker support allows our engineers at General Assembly to efficiently test and iterate over design choices with confidence.”, said Nick Ward, Director of Engineering at General Assembly. “It grants us the ability to easily manage dependencies while decoupling our apps from the host environment.”

Native Docker support

Semaphore’s native support for Docker provides developers with virtually unlimited flexibility in customizing their continuous integration and deployment environment, with all the benefits of using a cloud solution. In addition to developing business applications, the platform can also be used to build complex system software.

“To run our tests, we need to simulate a full container networking environment by running Docker in Docker and multiple daemons”, says Tom Denham, Core Developer at Calico, which provides networking for Docker containers. “Semaphore is the only continuous integration service where we’ve been able to do that.”

Integration with Docker registries

In addition to providing a new continuous delivery platform that supports Docker, Semaphore has also announced integrations with leading cloud vendors to make the deployment of container-based applications easier.

“Adopting Docker in continuous delivery adds some new steps in the process, one of them being the use of Docker registries to host produced container images as a base from which deployment to production takes place”, said Semaphore’s Marko Anastasov. “The challenge is learning how to get started, while having a streamlined and secure way to manage credentials used for deployment. Our goal has been to make this process intuitive and useful to both Docker newcomers and experienced engineers.”

Semaphore announced in-app integrations which provide an intuitive step-by-step setup process for container delivery to Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Docker Hub, Google Container Registry and Self-hosted and custom Docker registries are also supported.

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Semaphore is a hosted continuous integration and deployment service built for speed and simplicity. By automating the process of software testing and delivery in the cloud through an easy-to-use interface, developers can find bugs before they reach users and deliver new features quickly and with confidence. Semaphore is at the core of software development workflows of companies across more than 100 countries worldwide.

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