Puppet Labs Module Eases the Management of Kubernetes Resources

PORTLAND, OR–(Marketwired – Dec 16, 2015) –  Puppet Labs, the leading provider of IT automation software, today announced the availability of a new Kubernetes modulethat enables organizations to manage Kubernetes resources using Puppet. Now Puppet can be used to ease the long-term management of Kubernetes, all while providing a more fine grained tool for managing configuration drift. For organizations already standardized on Puppet, this module is a simple way to manage Kubernetes resources along with the rest of their infrastructure.

Kubernetes is an open source cluster scheduler for containers. It’s a powerful tool to schedule and manage container workloads, but isn’t meant to address drift management, provide audited change control mechanisms or model infrastructure outside of Kubernetes. These functions become critical requirements as container deployments hit production.

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“Kubernetes and containers are going to have a big impact on the future of IT, but they mark a drastic change from how infrastructure is managed today,” said Luke Kanies, founder and CEO of Puppet Labs. “This module is the beginning of the key role Puppet will play for managing applications in Kubernetes while extending core configuration management concepts like identification, control, accounting, and auditing into the world of container management.”

The new Kubernetes module enables organizations to define Kubernetes resources like Pods and ReplicationControllers in Puppet. Then Puppet will create or update those resources as needed over time. And because the Puppet code follows the Kubernetes YAML format exactly, it provides a recognizable interface for anyone familiar with the Kubernetes API. The Kubernetes module will allow:

  • Programmatic generation of Kubernetes configurations, so reusable application configurations can be built and shared across one or more teams. This sharing enables more maintainable, highly collaborative, faster application deployments.
  • Puppet’s built-in reporting, and tools like PuppetDB, provide comprehensive auditing and keep your Kubernetes infrastructure in its desired state.
  • Organizations already using Puppet will be able to manage Kubernetes with the same tool they use to manage the rest of their infrastructure.

“Tools like Puppet can play an important role in a containerized world,” said Kelsey Hightower, Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform. “As the adoption of application containers continues to grow, Puppet can help streamline the deployment of container platforms like Kubernetes to manage them. However, the true value of Puppet lives in its native support for infrastructure as code, which makes Puppet the perfect fit for modeling containerized applications as a collection of native Kubernetes resources such as pods, services, and replication controllers. The ability to manage the underlying infrastructure and model the applications running on top is something unique to Puppet and a welcome addition to the container ecosystem.”

The Puppet Labs Kubernetes module is available today. Whether you’re new to Kubernetes or already in the ecosystem, Puppet Labs asks that you try the module today and provide feedback and ideas for similar integrations you’d like to see.

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