Kubernetes Observability Made Easy Popular Open Source Project Launches SaaS Offering

October 24, 2022 — Robusta.dev will officially launch its SaaS platform for Kubernetes monitoring and observability on October 24, 2022. The platform will extend Robusta’s existing open source offering.

Robusta.dev exited stealth mode in January with the release of an open source project for Kubernetes observability and runbook automation. In under a year, it has been adopted by hundreds of companies and built a vibrant community of contributors all over the world.

While the open source took off, Robusta was quietly building a SaaS platform. That platform provides a single pane of glass for monitoring and troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters. It can be run in Robusta’s own cloud or installed on-prem.

The SaaS platform has been in beta for several months. During that time, Robusta worked closely with DevOps and platform teams, listened to feedback, and tripled the size of Robusta’s own development team.

The Robusta team is extremely customer focused. The company’s CEO has a long history of developer evangelism and open source involvement. The company’s CTO built and scaled other Kubernetes products before Robusta, including at Alcide.io, acquired by Rapid7 last year. Since exiting stealth mode, the company’s founders have given multiple conference talks, including a talk at this week’s Prometheus Day, part of the KubeCon and Cloud Native 2022 Conference.