Humio Accelerates Cloud Management And Extends Security With Humio Operator

Humio Operator Automates Provisioning, Management, and Operations of Clusters Deployed to Kubernetes

SEATTLENov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Humio, the only log management platform enabling complete observability for all streaming logs in real time and at scale, self-hosted or in the cloud, today announced the availability of the Humio Operator. The Humio Operator facilitates the configuration and deployment, and eases the management of clusters running on Kubernetes.

“We’re excited to share the Humio Operator with our customers because it makes running Humio in Kubernetes easier than ever. The Operator utilizes our best practices and integrates with other common Kubernetes components to streamline the deployment and management of Humio clusters in your Kubernetes environments. The tight integrations between Humio and the Humio Operator have allowed us to make deploying a stateful distributed application painless,” said Grant Schofield, Director of Infrastructure at Humio.

The Humio Operator has many features that allow administrators to deploy and manage a Humio cluster. In addition, the Humio Operator utilizes commonly used components from the cloud-native ecosystem, such as cert-manager and the nginx ingress controller, to automate the secure communication between Humio pods. The Humio Operator for Kubernetes…

  • automates the installation of a Humio cluster on Kubernetes.
  • automates the management of Humio Repositories, Parsers, and Ingest Tokens.
  • automates the management of Humio, such as partition balancing.
  • automates version upgrades of Humio.
  • automates configuration changes of Humio.
  • allows the use of various storage mediums, including hostPath or storage class PVCs.
  • automates the cluster authentication and security such as pod-to-pod TLS, SAML, and OAuth.

“The Humio Operator provides us with custom resources for running Humio on Kubernetes, which facilitates the management and deployment. It also minimizes the operational overhead and allows us to get an overview of how our deployments look and easily make changes in one place,” said Kasper Nissen, Site Reliability Engineer at Lunar. “I also want to emphasize how easy it is to use Object Storage (S3) and Managed Kafka with the Operator, this is a major win for us, not having to manage these stateful applications ourselves. We can leave that to the cloud provider. This makes scaling Humio horizontally very easy using the Operator.”

Humio’s Operator is available as an open source project so any Humio customer can run Humio in a self-hosted environment using the same best practices Humio uses to manage their own cloud environments.

About Humio
Humio’s log management platform offers the lowest total cost of ownership, industry-leading unlimited plans, minimal maintenance and training costs, and remarkably low compute and storage requirements. Humio is the only log management solution that enables customers to log everything to answer anything in real time — at scale, self-hosted or in the cloud. Humio’s modern, index-free architecture makes exploring and investigating all data blazing fast, even at scale. Founded in 2016, Humio is headquartered in London and backed by Accel and Dell Technologies Capital. For more information, visit and follow @MeetHumio on Twitter.