Atomist Announces Software Delivery Machine Support for Docker+Kubernetes

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Atomist, the company delivering the API for software, today announced Software Delivery Machine (SDM) support for Dockerized applications and deployment to Kubernetes.

Atomist’s platform provides SDMs that automatically build and deploy Dockerized applications to Kubernetes managed environments. A customer’s SDM responds to code change events from the Atomist platform, intelligently builds new Docker containers as required, and deploys them into the right Kubernetes environments based on each customer’s unique software delivery needs. An entire organization’s applications can be managed using an SDM, providing the scale required for modern enterprise application development.

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By providing a modern automation platform to deliver software, Atomist adds Docker support to existing applications with a single click. Enterprises looking to transform their organizations to cloud-native can use Atomist to quickly embrace a delivery platform made for modern software instead of handcrafting pipelines for every project with outdated tools.

“We are building on the ‘API for hardware’ provided by Docker, Kubernetes and modern cloud services to enable developers to program how they program,” said Rod Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Atomist. “With Atomist’s rich model and a real programming language, developers can apply their core skills to automating everything they do. We see all organizations developing in this way in the very near future.”

Atomist’s event-driven approach provides a flexible way to control software delivery at scale. New functionality can be added to an SDM with extension packs written in a fully functional programming language (TypeScript) rather than endless scripts and configuration files. Developers stay in control using code, and manage it all with the tools they already know and love, like GitHub and Slack.

“The way software is built has radically changed with containers, microservices and cloud-native architectures, but software delivery hasn’t,” Johnson added. “A new way of thinking about software is required, and that’s what Atomist is all about.”

Atomist’s integration with Slack provides visibility and control to developers every step of the way. Appropriate context is placed into channels where interested developers are already discussing their code. Context-aware buttons provide simple controls for common actions, while the event stream is kept to a minimum, providing useful information in context, not channel-spam.

Download the Atomist SDM extension pack for Docker+Kubernetes from GitHub at and start using the API for Software today. Learn more about Atomist and Docker+Kubernetes at

About Atomist

Atomist is how teams deliver software. Founded in 2015, Atomist is headquartered in San Franciscoand backed by Accel and Matrix Partners. For more information, visit or @atomist.