The Business Value of an Agile and Flexible Platform

Containers and public cloud have always had great synergy. Containers were developed to take advantage of cloud infrastructure in order to meet the needs of cloud-native applications. Technologies like Docker and Kubernetes operate at the application level and a robust, scalable infrastructure is needed underneath.

CloudNative Summit

IDC spoke with organizations that are leveraging containerization and the public cloud by using Red Hat OpenShift on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop and run business applications. These organizations reported benefiting from combining a powerful and flexible platform for developing and running business applications (Red Hat OpenShift) with the agility, elasticity, and efficiency of the AWS cloud. With OpenShift on AWS, their development teams can better serve their businesses and they establish a more cost-effective and reliable IT platform for these applications. As a result, these organizations are capturing strong value through their investment in OpenShift on AWS, which IDC projects will have a value of $10.89 million per organization per year.

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