Red Hat Collection Volume 2 introduces Red Hat EBook Collection Volume 2, curated by our editing staff.

With this Red Hat eBook bundle you will learn more about how to benefit from combining a powerful and flexible platform for developing and running business applications (Red Hat OpenShift) with the agility, elasticity, and efficiency of the AWS cloud; the 10 key elements of container security and the different stages of the container life cycle; see how multicloud can benefit your business; discover a detailed approach to hybrid cloud strategy and four essential steps to define your own.

Here are the 5 eBooks included in this bundle:

• The Business Value of an Agile and Flexible Platform for Developing and Running Applications with OpenShift on AWS

• Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies

• Ten Layers of Container Security

• Hybrid Cloud Strategy Checklist

• Multicultural Portability for Dummies

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