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Safeguarding Serverless Architectures: Understanding the Vital Role of CNAPP

In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, understanding serverless architectures is crucial for organizations striving to leverage cloud computing efficiently ...
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Closer to Serverless for Databases on Kubernetes

Running stateful elements like databases on Kubernetes has led to new and unique challenges and opportunities, particularly in autoscaling ...
Kubernetes serverless data science Statehub Portworx Advances Data Management on Kubernetes

AWS for Serverless Computing: Benefits, Challenges and Adoption Tips

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular platform for businesses wanting to go serverless. Here's what you need to know ...
Serverless, Not Defenseless: Demystifying Fargate Security Challenges

Serverless, Not Defenseless: Demystifying Fargate Security Challenges

As organizations accelerate their cloud-native journeys, AWS Fargate presents a compelling option for running containers without managing servers or clusters. However, the convenience of Fargate comes with unique security considerations. With cyber ...
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AWS Serverless Developer Experience

AWS Serverless Developer Experience

Serverless has become a mainstay of modern computing. Today, organizations are making use of a growing set of serverless offerings to build and manage applications in new, exciting ways. Teams continue to ...
Cosmonic Cilium Wasm Docker, Inc. Extends Tigera Networking Alliance

Fermyon Brings Wasm and AI Together via Serverless Framework

Fermyon's Wasm PaaS now includes a serverless computing framework for invoking AI models ...
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Datadog Report Shows More Reliance on Serverless Computing

A Datadog report showed that serverless computing is now widely employed across all the major cloud computing platforms ...
Container Orchestration - Serverless Architecture (EMEA/NAM)

Container Orchestration – Serverless Architecture (EMEA/NAM)

Serverless, containers, microservices, edge computing, sidecars, Kubernetes, cloud native, service mesh — what does this all mean?! Containers help us to break our applications down into small, loosely coupled components which means ...
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Overcoming the Challenges and Costs of Serverless

Since its inception in the late 1990s, the cloud has always been about reducing undifferentiated heavy lifting in IT. Services like AWS EC2 manage server hardware and give users elastic scaling to ...